Friday, July 3, 2009

Before, Blah!

Drug the whole family to Lowe's tonight for 2 hours. Can't believe the kids hung with us. Got interior trim paint to touch up and repaint doors, spray paint which should look like hammered metal for the porch railing (we'll see - can't be any worse than what's already out there) and exterior paint in a rich, dark brown for the shutters and front door. My vision for this house has always been a creamy white trim with black accents, but after really studying it I went with dark brown. There's a ton of siding on the sides of the house that will need to be replaced very soon, so with the new trim color hopefully it will look much fresher.

We have already replaced the exterior lanterns with a larger, bronze style, and had the front steps redone. I have vintage round brass door knobs which are killer. They came off a giant mansion in Highland Park that was being demolished. I knew the person who bought the house and she said I could take them. They've been waiting patiently in the garage for 2 years. We are also removing those ceiling medallions some kook put on the doors, and dressing the doors out with a nice rectangle of panel moulding. Clean and simple. I can't wait to see how it all looks put together.

So...above is the "before" of the house (during happier landscaping times.) It's not totally offensive, just really boring. Blah. I said 6 years ago how the house needed contrast and have intended ever since to do something about it. We are such procrastinators! However - we are planning to wake up early tomorrow and get a start on those shutters. After picture to come, hopefully soon...

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