Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today was my Friday equivalent. Hectic day, lots accomplished, and Saturday is tomorrow, right? Nope, just feels that way. No worky again until Monday. ahh, summer. I believe we have finally pinned down Client into committing to a few things. AND it only took 4 months. per fabric. whew. All our vendors are just trying to stay in business while Client vassilates wildly on which gold fabric is ideal for the fireplace chairs. Vendors have taken to calling, daily, essentially begging for an order. (so, so sad. bad industry to be in sales right now!) While in the grips of indecision, massively important design features (lovely onyx slabs) have gone away to other houses, never to be seen again. And the work starts over.

Not my problem. For 4 days I'll be playing with my family. Tomorrow, after a doctor checkup in which I fully expect to be spanked, I'll be free to play, read, and do laundry. Piano at 4pm, then pool at 5! Friday we'll gear up for some household projects, namely painting. M and I decided painting was the easiest and cheapest way to make a difference around here in a short time. He keeps saying "I have a whole week off to do home projects," when in reality Saturday is July 4th, Sunday is church, Monday I work so he'll be on kid-watch, then Tuesday is free. Wednesday we leave on vacation. Which one wall do you think will be painted on Tuesday?

Here's my essential paint list: shutters, front door, trim touch up (like, everywhere). I'd also love to prep the foyer for wallpaper but might just deal with painting away the stripes. That was a good idea in theory, just never finished it out. Update to come.

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