Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rain delay

Well well...never anticipated RAIN. Shutters are moved into the garage and are drying, with the help of fans. Hopefully I can paint today after all. My back is killing me after priming yesterday, and painting the porch rail. Marshall fixed the fence too, so we were pretty productive!

Last night we went to the boat club for July 4th festivities. It was really fun. There was a bluesy band playing, and hot dogs and burgers and all kinds of pot luck sides. Out on the dock it wasn't too hot - at least there was a breeze. We caught fireworks from 3 different locations over the lake, plus all the illegal displays along the shore of the lake. After Gillian figured out where to look for the fireworks (over the tree line), she narrated each and every color, for every one of the 30 minutes we watched. Love the little voice, tired of the frequency sometimes. Today everyone is very tired. We had a meager breakfast of freezer waffles, as somehow we've blown through all the groceries this week lightening fast. I blame Gabe, who we cannot seem to fill up lately. Probably a foreshadow of years to come.

We're looking forward to Big Cedar! Every day Gabe asks for the countdown. He has taken to randomly announcing to strangers how "We're going to Big Cedar on Wednesday!" I pray none of those people have robbery in their hearts, 'cause if so we'll be cleaned out on Wednesday. Poor little Tucker will have to hold down the fort.

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