Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mattress Mania

Never say we aren't efficient. It only took 3 store visits and about 5 hours to purchase a mattress this weekend/week. It took us less time to buy a car, or a house, for that matter. Craaazy. After one night of sleep (can you believe we had that sucker in our house at 8pm last night, a mere 8 hours post-purchase?) I respectfully reserve judgement. Marshall was not so tactful. How can a pair of very intelligent, practical people screw up something so simple? By overthinking. We should have gone with the less expensive one that we both liked, but that seemed, well, too simple. Instead we weighed the advantages of component materials against longevity, examined the fabric on the top for breathability, and stepped on the coil samples the salesman proudly displayed. And after an hour of discussion the 1" of memory foam in the less expensive one paled in comparison to the 2.5" of the one we ended up with. Which is why my hindquarters were a full 2.5" lower than the rest of my body all night, and Marshall woke up with "tingly feet." It will be an interesting 30 days.

p.s. we promptly encased that breathable, cashmere-infused fabric topped mattress with a stain-proof, allergy-reducing, heat-inducing cover. read: plastic. Is $119 too much to spend for one night with said cover?

The fun part of all of this is the imminent redecoration of our bedroom. Having gone from a queen to a king size bed, all the existing linens, and the bed itself, are history. Right now there's nothing but a set of white sheets on the bed. I'm so excited! A designer's dream is a blank slate. I do have some bedding on order, which, being blue this time, necessitates a full repaint, redrape and reaccessorization. WAHOOOOO!