Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gearing up for Gardening

Well, the weekend approaches, and the chore list is being developed as we speak. Of course, there won't be that many chores, because it's Father's Day Weekend! It's probably not that appropriate to make a giant honey-do list for this particular weekend. With that in mind, however, here's a little contraption that's helpful for both yourself and your Dad/Hubby. So if you left the gift buying to the last minute, and you have a gardener to buy for, you can go to Ace Hardware or Target or Sears and pick up one of these. I would suggest it NOT come with a chore list. Not at first, anyway.

This is a rolling tool box, which functions as a handy bench. It's available from Sears or Kmart . It's called the Step 2 Garden Hopper Work Seat, and it's $29.99.

This folding seat and tool bag can be purchased online at, sku #JETLTK104 for $27. Of course, if you need it by this weekend, we purchased one just like it at the local Ace Hardware for the same price, just last week.

This one is from Target. It's slightly more expensive, but also slightly fancier. I like how it looks a little taller and has more tools. It's only available online for $39.99, but if you don't need it as a gift for the weekend...
Happy Gardening!

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