Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Camping. Most people shudder when you say that word. Everyone I know, actually, except two people. My husband, and my son. They love it. Their "Campfire" scent is my Chanel.

I embrace Camping. It will not beat me, I will prevail. AND ENJOY. It's been suggested that my naivete contributes to the optimism. If so, it's ok. Ignorance is bliss, and anticipation.

Thanks to Walmart, I will cover the germy outdoor picnic table. The dutch oven liners - I applaud your innovation. I will use you, and no lurking bacteria (from the cast iron one must never use soap on) will touch this family. Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers? Best. food. ever. What's not to like?

Fishing? As long as I don't catch anything that has to be removed from the hook. No worries there. Sleeping? Eight years without has prepared me for the worst. Bathrooms up the hill? The extra walk will burn off those marshmallows.

No problem!! (fingers crossed!)

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