Saturday, November 20, 2010

Modern Marvels

Did you know that a suite of appliances can easily cost as much as one of the cars currently sitting in my driveway? And how in the H@$# did I get to a stage of my life where I covet, simply love, the feel of a cool stainless steel handle in my hand? Unfortunately, not in my house. This would be in the high-end showroom of yesterday's work. For instance, why brew coffee in a pot when you can have a built-in wall coffee machine, piped with water already. At the touch of a button and insertion of coffee, bing! espresso into your cup. Alas, the salesman lamented, you still have to add the milk fresh. Sorry. A good thing, I might add, because the refrigerator made to house said milk needs to be doing it's job to justify that whopper of a price tag!

Yesterday there was also some reverent stroking of the ice machine which is constantly filled with Sonic ice. Sonic ice!! There should never be another kind. That one little stainless gem cost more than my anaesthesiologist at the last c-section, and you know which one I would pick in a head-to-head contest. However, given an extra, luxury anaesthesiologist just hanging around...Sonic ice would be divine in my daily morning ice water.

One appliance I could do without - the guilt-inducing built-in rotisserie oven. How would Walmart make payroll without our weekly rotisserie chicken purchase? So not only do you have a constant reminder that you're NOT Barefoot Contessa, but you've just put some poor deli schmuck out of a job? No thanks. One that I can get behind is the steam oven. Would we actually eat more vegetables though? I'll let you know in about 20 years, when I've finally saved enough.

This one is the granddaddy of all stoves. The pinnacle, so to speak, of having arrived in the kitchen world. You know what? After playing with it, open doors, removing grates, adjusting shelves. Really not impressed. Although being able to pick your color is pretty cool, the price tag is not. Really, too hot to handle. But I pick "Brick."

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