Monday, November 1, 2010

Back for another try

It's been what, 10 months since my last entry? Let's try this again. Talked to my friend last night about blogs and it reminded me that I actually have one. hmmm. Life intrudes sometimes. I've been pretty dizzy lately.

Yesterday was Halloween. Gabe was Harry Potter. Seriously, I have been waiting to dress him up as Harry Potter since he was 3. He's a dead-ringer. Gillian was a ballerina. (Thanks, baby, for making it easy on Mama. and you are a beautiful ballerina!) Marshall was a Chilean Miner. Hard hat, glasses, work boots and....escape capsule. I'm to blame and credit both. We thought it was uproariously funny when I suggested it, but was it tasteless? not sure. They were freed, in fact, not still trapped down there or anything. That would just be rude.

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  1. Read about the Chilean miner costume. Great idea! My principal who is Chilean and had watched anxiously while the whole disaster-turned-miracle unfolded painted and "dressed" a pumpkin for her son's school pumpkin decorating contest. I think Marshall as a miner is definitely a tribute to human endurance...I won't include any of the ways in which we could rift on that one...Floy