Thursday, August 13, 2009

Movie Night

Went to see Julie & Julia tonight. It was a blast. Although I'm an avid reader of Entertainment Weekly (who didn't love the movie) and I knew what to expect, it was still very enjoyable. Have to admit though, the Julia voice BUGGED. Found myself smiling just a little too hard at those parts...headache inducing smiles. Meryl Streep nailed the Julia. That woman is astonishing. The movie really restarted that cooking itch I get so frequently. It's been too hot and wild to cook lately. But it's about time again. Monday night I cracked open a jar of spaghetti sauce, boiled up some freezer ravioli and tore up some romaine. And my poor, sweet, deprived family actually gushed. M - "Thanks for cooking, honey!" G- "You made my favorite dinner, Mom." Gi- "Yum." Glad to know I haven't lost my culinary genius.

So, I've taken a little break from the blog lately. Just too, too crazy around here. Very ready to get back to it. I find myself composing little entries in my head, usually while in the shower or putting on mascara. For some reason mascara application is an introspective time for me. Gillian starts school next week, and Gabe the following week. In my delusional, end-of-summer frazzle I find myself wishing for the routine of the school year. I'll have to revisit this in 2 weeks and see if it holds.

What shall I cook on Sunday??

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