Friday, May 29, 2009

Camping Prep

Well, the duffel is packed, the air mattress is beside the door.  Yup, it's camping time.  Somehow I feel that we're taking much less than we will actually need.  I thought camping required all kinds of accutrements.  Yet while packing it felt almost, well, ridiculous, to pack an entire bag of different types of shoes.  More shoes than clothes, in fact.  I am just praying that Gillian will sleep and that John sprayed the everloving @#$ out of that shelter with bug spray, as he promised he would.  If she sees one bug it's bye-bye sleep for us.

We are so, so excited to see John, Paula and Autumn and to experience their new life at the Park.  Not so much about the alligators though.

One thing I have not forgotten is the pile of protective devices.  Bug spray, Sunscreen, chapstick, inhalers for the lung-challenged in our family, bug bite cream, assorted antihistimines, and fruit roll-ups (protection for adult ears).  Update to come Monday.

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